Rochon, the Town of Second Chances

Just passing through

After some weird things happened with time fluctuating, Hamund contacted the group about solving this issue. He mentions these time oddities started happening after they returned from their future fight with Zenobaal. His research points towards a nearby town outside of the Mournland called Rochon. There, they might find some strange things or some type of manifestation that can help them solve this issue.

Arriving at Town
After a few days of travel, the adventurers reached the town of Rochon and were greeted by a friendly guard named Waegmund. They lied and said they were traveling merchants and Waegmund let them in. After talking to the Mayor, Albert Rhubert, and his scribe, Ancin Vaughy, they realized nothing odd was going on in this town. The group split up to look for more information about the town.

Endrik headed to the Inn and got the group rooms before talking to the people there. He found out that no one in town likes the sheriff, Dene, because of his sadistic attitude and frequent drinking. He also learned of a visiting noble in town who was staying in the guest manor. Not much else seemed to be of interest and so Endrik made his way to the marketplace with the rest of the town.

Yip and Alarick headed to the main shop but found it was closed so the owner, Lesym Bailey, could help set up the marketplace. There, they saw Dene and tried to talk to him, but he was still drunk and very rude. He threatened to imprison them if they bothered him again, but Waegmund came over and took them away, warning them not to talk to him. He would provide any assistance they needed. Alarick bought a recipe for healing potions from Aeheard, the alchemist. Then, Endrik, Yip, and Alarick browsed the area until calling it a night and heading back to the Inn.

Thora’xx made his way to Cyna, the blacksmith, and discovered she could improve his chatchkas and fix his broken one, but it might take a few days or more. On his way to the church, he saw Cyna’s apprentice, Scytio, and asked him if he could help out with his chatchkas. Scytio, though a little freaked out and intimidated by Thora’xx’s appearance, agreed. Thora’xx then made his way to the church where he met Maly Hancey, a priestess of the Sovereign Host, who was blessing the fields. After discussing the practices of the Sovereign Host, Thora’xx received a blessing from Maly before making his way to the graveyard.

Nameless went to the library and researched the town’s history. He discovered this town was built by a group of adventurers and refugees many generations ago. They call this town the town of second chances because it gave everyone a chance to start their lives over. They made their initial wealth from a nearby mine where many jewels and minerals were found, but the mine has been long since cleaned out. Now the town focuses on providing services and goods for travelers and merchants, as well as farming to provide food for nearby villages. After researching, Nameless made his way to the graveyard.

At the graveyard, Thora’xx and Nameless saw many graves for the different people Nameless had read about. While at the graveyard, they saw Scytio make his way to the nearby well several times to bring water back to Cyna. At first they thought the placement of the well was odd, but Nameless saw that the well was for the part of town that could get water easily from the river. All the pipes were away from the graveyard. The two then went to the Inn for the night.

At the Inn, Dene was getting very drunk and Thora’xx helped him to the brothel where many fun times were had. Not much was remembered from their time at the brothel, but they did see Maly Hancey at the graveyard reciting rites over the graves.

Werewolf Attack
The town was woken up by alarming bells coming from Town Hall. When everyone arrived, they saw an injured Waegmund and noticed Maly Hancey was missing. Albert Rhubert informed them that a werewolf had attacked in the night and killed Maly Hancey. Waegmund tried to slay the beast but was bit in the process. The werewolf was last seen running towards the cave high up in the mountains. The town banded together to increase the security of the town and the adventurers volunteered to hunt down the beast. Bedre, the visiting noble, promised to return with an army to help the town and left later that day. Cyna silvered everyone’s weapons. Aeheard would look into curing Waegmund of the werewolf curse.

While formulating a plan and learning the information they needed to get to the cave in the mountains, Lesym Bailey came to the Mayor very alarmed. He had been robbed of everything not made of silver during the night and there was no trace of any thieves. Albert promised to help him with his investigation after they made it through the night.

After a day filled with preparation, the group headed toward the cave. The trip took most of the night, but they finally arrived to the cave, only to find something they weren’t expecting inside.

The Time Crystal
The group saw a large, red crystal that was being drained by a powerful wizard. They realized this was a time crystal and most likely the reason they were here originally. The wizard Acererak had absorbed time energy from this crystal and used it to his advantage to blink in and out of time, attacking multiple times in a turn. But each time he did, the crystal cracked more and more. When he was weakened, Acererak forcibly took more energy from the crystal, causes it to shatter. The light from the crystal was blinding and knocked everyone unconscious.

Deja Vu
When they awoke, they found themselves back in the Inn. Although it seemed like morning, it was completely dark outside. After asking around the Inn, they found out there was no werewolf attack and they had only arrived the day before, even though they remember arriving in this town about three days ago. The town was just like it was when they arrived, only with three big differences. The northeastern section of town was plague with an eerie darkness and chill. The southern part of town was arid and dried out like a desert. The river was completely dried up and the crops were destroyed. To the west, ten feet of snow buried the parts of town where most of the town lived.

Things weren’t right in the town of second chances. Something changed when that crystal broke and so many questions were raised. What will happen next?


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